October Toys has released Series 3 of their popular Gwin line.  The character is based on the Linux mascot, Tux, which was created by Larry Ewing in 1996.  The third series consists of designs from 5 of the brightest artists out there: HideousBoi, Jim Koch, Lou Pimentel, Squidboy and Bill Rawley.



The entire Gwin Series 3 line is packaged in the same pink and black window front box.  The package contains pictures of the five designs on one side and the artist logos on the other.  The figure sits in a plastic tray.  No twist ties either, which is a definite plus.



The Figures

The Gwin is a 2.5” tall platform toy that is made of rotocast vinyl.
The third iteration is a five figure series with designs from
HideousBoi (Bat), Jim Koch (Goofball), Lou Pimentel (Snack Time),
Squidboy (Night of the Living Gwin) and Bill Rawley (Barbarigwin).
There a no points of articulation.  And each design is limited to a run of 200 pieces.



Our Opinion

The folks behind October Toys have given us a series with established
artists as well as some up-and-coming names.  While the line has shrunk
from 9 characters in Series 1 to 7 characters in Series 2 to 5
characters in the current series, all of the designs are strong
entries.  The run has also decreased from 400 to 200 pieces, which
means that while 2,800 pieces were available in the last series, only
1,000 exist from Series 3.

When it comes to our favorite designs, we’ll rank them in the following
order:  Barbarigwin, Bat, Night of the Living Gwin, Snack Time and
Goofball.  It's interesting that there are two "scene" designs, while the other three are more character driven.

You can pick one up at the following:

October Toys: $10 ea. or $45 for the set

Gwin Series 3 Grades:

Quality: 7/10
Paint: 8/10
Durability: 10/10
Hype: 7/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: 8.0/10









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