Part board game...part designer toy...Cranium WOW is set to hit store shelves this coming September.  Cranium, Inc. Creative
Crusader Michael Connell stated:

"The look and feel was inspired
by vinyl culture of today along with influence from Cranium's history with
artist Gary Baseman. This game will be a centerpiece for fun in your living room
and replace that book on modern architecture that's been on your coffee table
for the past three years. Have you even read that book?"

Cranium WOW contains all of the fun things that made the original game one of the most popular board games ever.  You still must hum, whistle, sculpt, draw, spell and answer questions.  Each game is packaged with 4 of the 12 Cranium WOW vinyl movers.  Now wouldn't you rather have a Gary Baseman inspired vinyl piece than fight over who gets to be the little metal thimble? (They aren't actually designed by Baseman, just influenced by his artwork)


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