Ayleen from October Toys let us know about several of the company's new figure lines.  The 3rd Series of Gwin is now available, with designs from Squidboy, Jim Koch, Lou Pimentel, HideousBoi and Bill Rawley


Also, they have teamed up with Jim Koch to produce a prototype for Jim's Hanus vinyl figure.  The chicken bone the figure is holding behind his back should be removable.  Blanks...Artist Series...Variants.  That would be cool.


Finally, October Toys has introduced their own line of Zombies.  You might say "OK, so?"  But these are going to bring back memories for anyone who used to collect M.U.S.C.L.E. figures.  They're about the same size, but instead of's all about brain eating.  The SDCC exclusive is a fan-boy with his print tube and backpack.  As long as I can recreate the entire Thriller music video...I'll be fine!

2007 SDCC coverage sponsored by Max Toy Co






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