Ahh...yes!  It's our turn to announce the newest mimobot character in mimoco's Core Series 2 Scavenger Hunt.  And how fitting is it that Plastic and Plush gets to announce the canine inspired mimobot?  (I've got 5 dogs)  PupStar is designed by Dino Alberto and will be limited to a run of 2,000 pieces.

pupStar is starry-eyed and a dreamer.  He was always meant for big things.  When in the throes of performance pupStar can fly when his bright eyes are energized, which is how he escaped the Celestial Circus aboard the Cosmic Coliseum to follow his dreams.  His hobbies include bowling for silicon biscuits, hiding out in closets, and flying through the night sky.

Now, the series won't be released until after the Scavenger Hunt is over (on July 25th)...but we'll be giving away three pupStar mimobots in the upcoming weeks.  And if you want to know about how you can win pupStar #1, check out the mimoco site.


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