Patrick from Rocket World has dropped some very special news, and photos, on our Plastic and Plush Message Board.  The IWG Baby Cub Series is described below:

Both Bear and Rhino cubs will be about 3.5" tall.  They will have sharp
sticks as their accessories; sharp sticks being the universal &
plaything of any youngster, handy for roasting marshmallows or poking
into human eyeballs (both included with vinyl figure).

The Baby Cub Series will be perfect companions to full size IWG vinyls,
especially on the back seat on the Vespa Scooters from Combat Mod
currently in
There will be 4 regular colorways, 2 special edition colorways, and a target price point of only $20 bucks or so.

We're only going to show you one photo here...but there's another photo in the follow the link.

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