Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar turns back the clock, goes back in the day and throws down a stylin’ new line of choc-o-graphic Graffiti Bars to debut this April, 2007. Ten legendary New York City graffiti artists including Blade, Crash, Crachee, Crime 79, Dondi, Dr. Revolt, Iz the Wiz, Lady Pink, Spar One and Voice of the Ghetto (Stay
High 149) have created one-of a kind works transforming wrappers for an
array of new candy bar of which a portion of the proceeds will benefit
the All-Stars Project.

Produced and manufactured by Alison
Nelson’s Chocolate Bar, each Graffiti Bar weighs an impressive 2.25
ounces and is filled with classic treats enrobed in the finest gourmet
chocolate. New bar flavors include Milk Almond, Milk Cafetto, Caramel, Cookies-n-Cream, Smores, Dark Strawberry, Dark Toffee Crunch, Banana Milk, Dark Rum and Dark Chocolate. Individual bars can be purchased for $4.00
or a Limited Edition “gallery box” includes the full 10 bars and
an authentic graffiti stencil created by Brooklyn-based artist Stencil1 used for customizing wallets, walls, t-shirts or whatever.

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