Spider, an artist and plush designer for the Orlando-based group Me Llamo Jellyfish, sent us this teaser image of Seymour, his debut plush. 

The 24" tall Seymour is a 100%
, one-of-a-kind creation.  He
features fully-articulated lips, jaws, tongue, neck, and tendrils.
Each tooth is individually hand-cast out of high-grade plastic.  A
special gut compartment allows Seymour to "swallow" and store toys and
other items.

Currently, Seymour is too large and complex to be mass-sold at an affordable price,
but Spider promises that 6", limited-edition "cuttings" will be
available soon on commission, with plans to mass-produce sometime in
the near future.

Seymour will be on
display at the Orlando FX Show, this January 26-28, at the Project
Vinyl exhibit
, hosted by the Me Llamo Jellyfish team.

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