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REVIEW: Max Toy Co. Exclusive King Ghidorah



is a Godzilla fan’s dream.  Taking place in July of 2006, G-Fest 13 brought tons of kaiju fans to Chi-town.  May Toy Company teamed up with CCP to bring those collectors a limited edition soft vinyl King Ghidorah exclusive.

If you’re not familiar with King Ghidorah, the three-headed monster appeared in several Godzilla films starting back in the 1960’s.  Usually appearing gold in color, King Ghidorah has two legs, two wings, three head and two tails.



Each figure comes bagged with a header card.  Each card is hand numbered out of 100.

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New Neo Blythe Feel The Sky



Join Blythe as she takes to the sky in her cutest new rendition as a stewardess!

Feel The Sky Blythe wears a retro but chic navy dress with round collar for her
official uniform for the Royal Air Blythe airlines. She also has a
floral tie and pink belt accent.  To complete this cute flight attendant look, she carries an airline bag and small suitcase.  Her navy uniform brings out the shine of her yellow hair. Her waist
length hair is slightly curled at the ends in a side part. She wears
turquoise eyeshadow with pink lips and blush. Her lovely make up
matches perfectly with her hair color. Her face mold is Superior type.

The set includes:

Doll (Superior), dress, hat, shirt, boots. shoulder bag, luggage, stand, and collection card.

Design a UniPo Contest


Do your thing: create art for a UniPo anyway you’d like and send it to UNKL by either email or snail mail.  They’ll pick their favorite from the submissions and do a production run of them. You’ll get a case (20) of them to enjoy and UNKL will get to spread your UniPo all over the world.

Go to: for a downloadable pdf
Email to:
Snail mail to:
UNKL - UniPo Contest
1631 NW Thurman St. Ste 150
Portland, OR 97209