Touma is back for his sophomore appearance at mixi-bang! in
Pasadena, CA on November 4, 2006.  This time, he's brought back
an old friend.  That's right, the Knuckle Bear has been reborn
and is back with a vengeance!  The Skuttle is back as well, this
time in Alpha form and the newest member of the family, MaoCat makes
his appearance.

To complement the mxii-bang! exclusive GID Bone Knuckle Bear are
limited edition Bone Knuckle Bear Giclee print sets as well as limited
edition Touma X mixi-bang! GID Bone  T-shirts. The first 50
people at the show will win a chance to win some free Touma

Exclusives are limited to one per customer.
  An extremely
limited amount of the exclusives will be set aside for online orders
for Touma's overseas fans.

mixi-bang! Exclusives
GID Bone Knuckle Bear (edition of 100)
Clear Blue Skuttle Alpha (edition of 50)
Black Maocat (edition of 50)
Touma Customs & Artwork
Knuckle Bear Customs
MaoCat Customs
3D Paintings

Other Show Items
GID Bone Knuckle Bear Giclee Prints (edition of 50)
GID Touma X mixi-bang! Limited Edition T-shirts (edition of
Return of the Knuckle Bear Posters

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