Super Rad Toys is introducing us to the Ningyo Project: Gosho Doll.  It's a melding of traditional and contemporary artwork.  This is not a Platform project in the normal sense of Platform projects...Ningyo Project: Gosho Doll holds a historical relevance and is also a study between the connection and nature between collector and artist.  All ningyo designs are limited to 500 piecesTokidoki and Traditional are almost SOLD OUT.  The suggested reail price is  $79.99.  Look for them to ship in late November through mid December.



They are also releasing Mister Cartoon's first vinyl figure (14" tall)...a collab with NIKE, T-Mobile, Joker and Estevan Oriol.  The first of 4 colorways ships January 2007.  MSRP $129.99.


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