The Gwin is a curious creature based on Tux (the Linux mascot), created by Larry Ewing & The GIMP.  Gwins spend most of their time eating, sleeping, and hoarding treasure.  They often form "armies" to protect their amassed riches.

October Toys has released the second series of Gwin figures.  Series 1 included 8 figures, while Series 2 has introduced us to 7 more rotocast vinyl penguin characters.



Gwin Series 2 has a standard window-front box that all 7 designs are packaged in.  Include on the box are photos ad names of the figures as well as logos of the designers.


The Figures

Gwins are rotocast vinyl designer penguins that stand 2.5” in height.  Series 2 includes work from 7 designers: El Maz (Tree), Alex Pardee (Captain Singer), Voltaire (Octogwin), C. Spliedt (Bunny!), Kruse (Voodoo Stew), Charlotte Link (Dragwin), and Christie (Jebus).  Each design is limited to 400 pieces.  Individual figures sell between $7.75 and $10.00.


Our Opinion

The Gwin form is based on the penguin mascot of Linux fame – Tux.  I’m
not sure why October Toys chose this specific mascot to create a
platform toy line around.  It’s a unique choice, and surely appeals to
techno-geeks who know all about Unix operating systems.

Series 2 has brought collectors a stronger group of designs.  My
favorite piece being Voltaire’s Octogwin (which is perfect for the
current season).   That one is closely followed by Bunny! and Jebus.
They decided to plug up the hole (due to being rotocast) that was in
the base of each figure.  Even though it is minor, that gives the line
a more professional look.

The painting work is standard for a line of this size.  It might be
difficult to spot any imperfections, as the figure itself is not
symmetrical.  You can see that one wing lies on the stomach, while the
other is on the Gwin’s foot.  I’m not sure if the price tag on Series 2
will turn folks away, but they are priced a little high for being 2.5”
in height.  However if you really enjoy a design…I would definitely
suggest picking it up.

You can find Gwins at:

3DRetro: Series 1 - $7.50 ea. Series 2 - $9.00 ea.
October Toys: Series 1 - $8.00 ea. Series 2 - $10.00 ea.

Panik's Toy Box: Series 1 - $7.99 ea.

Gwin Series 2 Grades:

Quality: 7/10
Paint: 8/10
Durability: 9/10
Hype: 5/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 6/10
Overall: 7.7/10















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