We teamed up with the very cool toy news and review site - CollectionDX.com - to cover the Kaiju Big Battel Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII event.  If you're not familiar with KBB, they have created several DVDs and are featured on G4's daily morning television show - Action Blast.  You'll find a huge wrestling ring and some of the craziest characters and costumes at these events.  It's definitely a must-see...and I'm upset that I missed it.


Nevertheless, we were able to get Atom from CollectionDX into the event.  He has chronicled an amazing night of monsters and mayhem in his Shpadoinkel Mania coverage.  Go check that out.  Many thanks for the great photos!! He also shot the video footage below.

...and remember to check out Kaiju Big Battel on Action Blast...on G4 every morning at 8 am.