Schmancy Toys and Fancy Pants are proud to present the second annual PLUSH YOU! art show, featuring over one hundred emerging plush artists from around the world.  The number of featured artists will be doubled from last year.  Contributing artists include Stuart Bloomfield, Jess Hutch, Heidi Kenney, Shawnimals, and Marianne Roosa of 12punt3.

Kristen Rask remarks "Plush is exploding right now. These are basically one-of-a-kind toys that are inventive, surprising and often disarming.  If it's cute and fuzzy, can it be serious art? If a two-year old can't play with it, is it really a toy? It's an engaging medium." 100 artists are participating in this year's show and are allowed to submit up to three pieces for display at Schmancy and Fancy Pants. The show will run for a month.

The opening reception will be held on October 6th from 4:00 to 9:00 pm.

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