The Blythe 5th Anniversary event just took place (June 23 - July 2) at Spiral Garden in Aoyama.

This years theme was "Darling Diva".  Fashion designers, doll creators, illustrators, and musicians alike, all participated in the event to create a one of a kind Blythe. In addtion to all of the fashion show excitement, the very first Blythe Beauty Contest was held.  Nine talented teams were selected as finalists from the many teams that entered from around the world!  The winning categories were: Grand Prix, First Runner Up, Second Runner Up.  They were all selected by a celebrity panel of Blythe professionals, including Junko Wong, Gina Garan, Splash & Sammy, @nai, Saburo Watanabe and the amazing Momolita! Like most other beauty contests there was an audience chosen winner called "Miss Popularity".

Below are images of the winning dolls, which prize the won, and the team name.

Grand Prix Winner
"Gentle River" by Team Sibley


1st Runner Up
"Favorite Color" by Aketsun


2nd Runner Up
"Merry Hippy"  by LA LA LA LA Factory


Miss Popularity
"Vanilla" by Miele Dolce


The most exciting thing about this contest is normal Blythe fans have the chance to show off their talent at doll customizing and sewing. The Grand Prix team also won the opportunity to have their doll produced into a CWC produced Blythe doll.

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