Daniel Svanberg sent in some information about his plush toy line - Spök-spök (which means Ghost-ghost in Swedish). The line consists of the following five characters:

Spökelina - The pink ghost. She's always happy and smiling.


Spök-spök - The blue ghost. Spökelinas boyfriend. He's shy, but curious.

Herr Leverfläck - A mole that can't stop scratching himself. He's Spök-spöks best friend.

Toofhairy - A hairy au-pair tooth from Scotland. She's Spökelinas best friend.


Baron von Kon - A blue road cone. He's super angry and always mad. And he's got a secret crush on Spökelina.



The Spök-spöks live in a forest with red cottages, pine trees and
flowers.  They're always up to fun and adventure, and every so often
they race in hot air balloons. In the forest there also lives a
reindeer. His name is Renren, and he's very shy and always tries to
hide (a plush version of Renren is in the making).

Spök-spök and Spökelina come with clear plastic snap buttons, so they
can hug, and Herr Leverfläck has snap buttons on his hand and head, so
he can scratch himself.


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