Get ready for the Follow the Munny Show.  It’s hitting Denver, CO and sponsored by Plastic ChapelCapsule Gallery (designer toy store) and . Although the show is open for all skill levels, they will be featuring some amazing artists.  Evan Hecox, J Neth, Upso ,Ryan Riss ,KR ,Scribe,Emit ,Chris Huth, and many more.

The show will last from June 9th until July 14th with an eBay auction lasting 30 days. Some of the many prizes include a signed Kozik 10" Bondage Smorkin Labbit, a signed Jeff Soto Terrarium Keeper Qee (not SDCC), and a Nathan Jurevicius' TreeDweller (not signed), as well as many great door prizes, and best of category prizes.

Capsule Gallery
554 Sante Fe Drive
Denver, CO

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