Hammeractive will be hosting the Soccabot World Custom Cup this summer.  Teams of 4 designers from different countries will create custom Soccabots, while fans will be able to vote for the winner online.  The customs will be shown at in Berlin during the finals of the FIFA World Cup.

These are the teams that are involved (and totally confirmed):

Australia - Coach: Jeremyville

Brazil - Coach: Boncker Bear, Players: Helena, Dear, Saner, Boncker

England - Coach: Future Plastik, Players: WRD ONE, Hammo, MooDude, Triclops

France - Coach: Artoyz

Italy - Coach: Atom Plastic

USA - Coach: Myplasticheart

Spain - Coach: Marrs Bar

Netherlands - Coach: Toydigger, Players: Playskewl, Bfree, Liv3r, Sjors Trimbach

Portugal - Coach: Vectorbrigade

Mexico - Coach: Thecitylovesyou

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