Have you ever wondered what cartoon
characters do in their spare time? Do they get in trouble? Do they get
married? Do they hang out in bars? Tristan Eaton believes so. According
to Eaton they are just like us, filled with insecurities, ambitions,
mischief, love and bravery. These characters spend a lot of time
entertaining us in cartoons and in comics, but what exactly do cartoon
characters do when we turn off the TV or put down the comic book? Well,
they do graffiti, have sex, get arrested and of course fall in love.
Eaton will give you a rare, inside look into this secret worlds of
cartoons at his very first solo exhibition in Tokyo, set to debut at
Gallery LELE, April 4th, 2006. Eaton will display a vast series of
prints, paintings, toys and even bronze statues that will reveal the
'Cute & Dangerous' lifestyles of seemingly innocent cartoon.

The Opening Party will take place on Friday April 7th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm and all are invited!

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