This super rare gray edition IWG gray bear features these accessories and details:

  • Highly detailed 1/6th scale HK PSG1 Sniper Rifle
  • Custom I.W.G. Deathshead Skull Chest Graphic
  • Highly Detailed 1/6th scale 3 day assault pack in woodland camo
  • Tactical field watch
  • 2 hand grenades
  • One dead human skull with bullet hole
  • Bear is Serial #36
  • Also included is a full color IWG embroidered patch
  • Does not come in a box
  • Will be signed by the artist (Patrick Ma) on the bottom of the paw


  • Contest ends July 1st
  • Submit photo composed in any way as long an IWG toy is featured somewhere in the photograph
  • Submit as many entries as you’d like
  • The bear will be shipped for free anywhere in the CONUS, international or outside of CONUS, winner must pay for shipping
  • Post your entries under our discussion board thread.


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