When you think of Blythe, you probably usually imagine the 12” tall Neo Blythe dolls.  But did you know that there are smaller versions known as Petite Blythes?  These stand at about a third of the height (4”) of a Neo Blythe, and also cost about a third of the price.


Petite Blythe dolls are manufactured by Takara for Cross World Connections (CWC) under license from Hasbro.   I know that is a little confusing, but here’s how it breaks down.  Hasbro originally created Blythe in 1971, so when CWC decided they wanted to create the dolls in Japan…they needed to get Hasbro’s OK.

Rather than having a pull-string in the back of the doll’s head, Petite Blythe has eyes that close when she is set on her back.  So they will only have one set of eye colors.



Peppy Panda Garden is a little, blonde-haired girl dressed up as a
panda…dressed up as a gardener.  She is wearing an apron and a black
and white panda outfit. 

Overall Grade: 95%


Puppy On A Date
is very similar to the panda character, except she is
dressed up in a puppy outfit.  This Petite Blythe has short red hair
and is wearing a puppy suit and skirt.

Overall Grade: 96%


The Hollywood Hills Party
Petite Blythe is all dressed up in a Marilyn
Monroe like white dress.  Her outfit, hair and birthmark all conjure up
images of the former movie star.

Overall Grade: 92%


The Intensive Care doll is decked out her candy striper hospital
outfit.  She is packaged with a mini book…ironically enough, also
called Intensive Care.

Overall Grade: 90%

Petite Blythe dolls are somewhat difficult to come across in the United
States.  You might need to do some searching to find a retailer that
carries the line (and any of the figures featured in this review).



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