To celebrate this Friday's opening of the Unnatural History show at Wootini (Carrboro, NC), we are giving away the opportunity to win a one of a kind Custom Funny Club figure done up by the one and only - Nakanari.   The winner will receive the black, custom bunny to the far right in the above photo, as well as the accompanying Misfits pin sets.

Here's how you enter: Be a member of our mailing list (sign up under our favorite links - to the right --->) and send an email to bcslivka@hotmail.com saying that you want to enter the Unnatural History Contest.

The winner will be chosen at random and will last from today through March 6th (the last day of the Wootini show).

Tony aka Nakanari will also be signing 50 of the FX show Exclusive Naka figures at opening night.  Come out and get one!


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