Crazy Label is a Hong Kong based independent toy company founded by Wookie in 2005.  They are currently working on several exciting designer toy projects with artists from the US and Hong Kong.

Crazy Label’s first toy should be released by July, and is called Treeson.  Treeson is the main character in the entertaining and cute "Treeson and Ren" story from Bubi Au Yeung.  He is a kind creature who has been brought up by the trees in the forest, and was discovered by Ren at the beginning of the story.  The tree branch is sticking out from his heart. 

The rotocast vinyl toy will be 5" tall.  Crazy Label has finished the sculpture and they are in the process of fabricating the tooling now.  They hope to launch the toy by this year's Taipei Toy Festival.  I really like the back story with this toy and am looking forward to seeing the figure!


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