With Issue 2 currently out on newsstands, Hi Fructose has sent along a sneak peek at Volume 3 of Attaboy and Annie Owens' counter culture magazine.

Hi Fructose will returns this summer...featuring:

* Mark Ryden: Interview, gallery, and photos of his bizarre curio collection
* Jim Woodring: His art, toys and an interview
* Chris Ware's hand made mechanical wonders and art feature
* A mind blending Pixel Art feature
* Designer toy Exposes
* Another specially created D.I.Y. paper pattern

PLUS! A special Viewmaster® Photo Reel featuring the latest toy photos from photographer Brian McCarty (in 3-D) will be included in each magazine (Shots include Sam Flores' new Vinyl figure "Fatima," Jeremy Fish's "Turtle Camper"and more.)

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