The winner of our Best Toy Line for the Females was everyone’s favorite
fashion doll – Blythe.  As you probably know, Blythe is a joint
production between, CWC, Hasbro and Takara.  They are referred to as
Neo-Blythes, since they are not the original line – released in the


The Samedi Marche Encore Doll was originally released in Asia in June
of 2004.  Hasbro has now made a limited number of figures available
through their online store - $89.99 apiece.  If you’re located in Asia
or Japan, you probably know that CWC’s online shop has a number of
dolls and accessories to choose from.


It usually helps to judge Blythe dolls based on the number of accessories they come with.  The hair and eyes give them their unique look, but the clothes and the extras are what give them their personalities.


The packaging for Samedi Marche is decorated with apples, grapes and pears on a black background.  It’s one of the better Blythe boxes that I have seen.  There is a little bit of an eastern European feels as the decorations look Russian.

Samedi Marche has long, blond hair with eyes that can be changed to blue, orange, pink or green.  She comes dressed in a white shirt with black polka dots.  Over this, Samedi wears a green, red and white - apple themed short-sleeved shirt.  There is also an apron using this same pattern.  This Blythe is wearing bell-bottomed blue jeans and you can choose from sneakers or more “dressier” shoes.  And when Samedi Marche goes outside, she has a tan coat, black scarf and a large red hat.  Her wheeled shopping bad is loaded with an apple, baguette, and brie cheese.


The one nice thing about Blythe is that there are so many dolls that you’re sure to find one that you truly like.  And be sure to check out BlytheDoll.com, as they are currently running a beauty contest for collectors to show off their favorite Blythe.

Overall Grade: 98%