About two weeks ago, we reviewed Joe Ledbetter’s Mr. Bunny and Sno-Bunny rotocast vinyl figures from Wheaty Wheat Studios.  As you all know, Fire-Cat and Ice-Cat were also released around the same time as the two Mr. Bunny colorways.


Folks seem to have a distinct preference as to which figure and colorway is their favorite of the group.  At this moment, mine is Fire-Cat.  However, that might change with the release of Ringo Bear in the coming year.


Ledbetter’s work appears as if it would be extremely difficult to
transfer from canvas to vinyl.  However, Joe and Wheaty Wheat have done
an amazing job with the sculpting, shading and coloring on these
figures.  The dark black lines are transferred to the edges of the
vinyl toy, giving it a unique look.


The packaging for Fire-Cat and Ice-Cat are exactly the same.  It’s also
very similar to the Mr. Bunny package.  There is a front window with a
drawing of Fire-Cat below.  The 3 other panels (and the top) all have
drawings of Fire-Cat by Joe Ledbetter.  If you enjoy Ledbetter’s work,
the package will definitely appeal to you.


When it comes to sculpting and quality control, there are absolutely no
questions about the superiority of this figure.  Fire-Cat balances
perfectly and has a perfect paint job.  The fire is attached to the
characters mouth and the strands of hair are securely in the toy’s
head.  The figure is given a two-dimensional look by giving it a
completely flat back as well as the thick black lines.

It still appears that the only place you’ll be able to find the Fire of
Ice Cats is through ebay.  Unfortunately, that means you’ll be paying
much more than the SRP (which was around $80).  Fire-Cat is a limited
run of 400, while Ice-Cat is a run of 100.


This is one of the most amazing rotocast vinyl figures on the market.
With the Fire-Cat and Mr. Bunny figures, Wheaty Wheat and Joe Ledbetter
have released two incredible toys.  Personally, it’s one of my (and
many others) favorite figures of the year.  I know that a number of
collectors cannot wait for Ringo Bear to be released…and we all are
hoping for future collaborations from Wheaty Wheat and Joe Ledbetter.

Overall Grade: 100%

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