So have you become a fan of the wide-eyed Blythe girls yet?  These are the fashion dolls with the color changing eyes.  Just pull the string on the back of her head…she closes her eyes…and different color eyes magically appear.  Remember that the Blythes you see are referred to as “Neo Blythes” as the original Blythe dolls were only produced in 1972.


The Asian Butterfly Encore was originally released in Japan by CWC, and Hasbro has recently made the Neo Blythe doll available to collectors in the United States through their online store.  The dolls sell for $89.99 through HasbroToyShop.com and are recommended for ages 7 and over.

Asian Butterfly Encore’s most noticeable feature is her crimson blue
.  Depending on the amount and the direction of sunlight, the hair
color can go from very to barely noticeable.  She has 4 different eye
colors – blue, green, pink and orange. 


The accessories are another key feature of the Blythe line.  Asian
Butterfly comes dressed in a multi-color Asian inspired top and skirt
outfit.  She also has flowers for her hair, a color coordinated purse
(with included compact) and a Blythe fan.  The Asian Butterfly Encore
Blythe has white socks and black sandals, and like all Blythe dolls,
she includes a stand and a collectible card.


Collectors, who have caught a glimpse of the Blythe world tour, now
have an opportunity to own the Asian Butterfly or Samedi Marche Encore
dolls.  The Encore means that these Neo Blythes were re-released due to
their immense popularity. We’ll be previewing the Samedi Marche Blythe
later in the week.

Overall Grade: 96%


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