In Part 2 of our Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo mini figure review, we examine three more of the little IWG characters.  Remember that all 9 figures are currently available through the Rocket World website for $7.99 each.  They are all sold individually and include a skull and crossbones with unique damage inflicted by the character’s weapon of choice.


Ocho is the Mystery Woodland Beast.  Are you not really sure what he
is…maybe an inbred wild dog?  Well, if you watched the first Rocket
World animation, you realized that some of the Astral Overseers
(aliens) looked very similar to our mystery critter.  The 3-inch Ocho
has 2 points of articulation (his arms) and is equipped with his trusty
tomahawk, just like his larger brethren.  Overall Grade: 92%


Out of all of the characters, I wondered how the folks at STRANGEco and
Rocket World would be able to convert Moly the 16-legged
...err…Octopus from her 6-inch vinyl form to the 3-inch mini
figure.  Remember that the larger vinyl figure was a rather squishy
rotocast toy.  The new figure is solid, and although it is no longer
translucent, Moly looks like an imposing force.  She is packaged with a
sledgehammer and wrench and can also be displayed in “Smiley” or
“grumpy” fashion by just flipping her upside down.  Overall Grade: 94%


Mini Odysseus the Sea Otter is one of my favorite characters from the
original IWG line, and I feel like the 3-inch mini figure has actually
improved on the figure.  He still has the little whiskers imbed in his
face and his reliable spear gun by his side.  It might be the way
Odysseus’ head is positioned or the fact that his spear gun fits more
relaxed in his hand than the 6-inch version, but something just looks
better about the mini version.  Maybe it’s all of the weight he lost.  Overall Grade: 98%

Watch for our third and final installment of our Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo mini figure review in the upcoming week!


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