If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, you know that I am a fan of Rocket World’s Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo line of figures.  I bestowed upon them the title of best toy line for 2004 for their 6-inch rotocast vinyl figures.  Patrick, of Rocket World, has yet again teamed up with STRANGEco to produce a very cool line of figures.


The I.W.G. mini figure line contains the same characters as Series 1 of the larger vinyl figures.  If you are a fan of the larger versions, you’ll definitely like the mini line.  All of the characters are equipped with the same accessories and they all come with an added bonus – a skull and crossbones that specifically displays the damage inflicted by each character’s weapon.

This review will be our first of 3 revolving around the new I.W.G. mini line.  Three reviews with 3 characters in each review.  Don’t worry…all 9 characters are currently available.

Another subject that always elicits fear from collectors – blind
boxes?!  And no, the Insurgents are not blind boxed.  Each package has
a small front window so you can see exactly what character you are
purchasing.  It’s a somewhat plain box, but you could leave the set
boxed for display.


You’re probably thinking to yourself…are there any changes in the
characters now that they are less than half of their original size?
And I can say that there are none that I can see.  Of course, they are
no longer rotocast…so the new, mini figures are a little more solid.


Titus the Grizzly Bear (98%) is back with his .308 sniper rifle.  At only 3
inches tall, he is not the daunting force his vinyl counterpart
is…however, he still can tear a human apart.  The figure comes packaged
with a skull that has a single gunshot hole to the middle of its’
forehead.  He’s a master with the sniper rifle. 


Hannibal the Mountain Guerilla (97%) is all decked out with his green
bandolier.  He’s equipped with a fragmentation grenade and a skull with
a gaping hole in the side of it.  Like the 6-inch version, the mini
Hannibal has the same, well taut behind.


Affonso the White Rhino (95%) is armed with a 5.56 mm assault rifle.  He also
has titanium tipped horns for fighting in close quarters.  The packaged
skull has multiple bullet holes to the cranium.  That might have caused
a little headache.

The Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo mini figure line is pretty
affordable.  Each figure retails around $7.99, which means that owning
a full set will put you out about $72.  The figures are available
directly through RocketWorld.org and FreeBento.com should also be
stocking the line.  Remember that a portion of proceeds goes to various
Non-Profit Wildlife Groups.


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