The collaboration by "Pom Ponnet," a sophisticated, French-taste
children's apparel brand and CWC have given birth to the Neo Blythe
"Rendez-vous Chouchou". 


The skirt of the dress she wears is gorgeously
embroidered with a scene from Paris. The scene included a corner cafe
and the Eiffel Tower looking down are all elaborately done in beads,
spangles and rhinestones.  The rhinestones and cut-beads hemmed on the
upper front of the dress create an elegant look. The big ribbon on the
back of the dress adds the final touch of charm to the fashionable
outfit. The eye change charm is embossed with a crown. She carries a
cute, heart shape bag with a ribbon and pearl handle. The top hat
has the letter P written in with rhinestone. The lace gloves and socks
complete the look!
Blythe's fluffy friends is a sweet poodle with a pink lead and a
light-blue polka dot dress.