mimoco, the company responsible for fusing designer toys and technology, is pleased to announce the next series of mimobots, the goSeries. Featuring four brand new designs (plus a yet-to-be-revealed secret character) from artist Yahid ‘Serial Killer’ Rodriguez of Mazatlan, Mexico; they land on Earth in early December.

"The mimobots propagation has begun," stated Evan Blaustein, founder of mimoco and the brain trust behind mimobots. "The goSeries further expands our vision to combine functional technology with designer toy style."


Like all mimobots, goSeries characters have traveled a long way from
their home planet blõôh, where their memories were erased in a ‘flash
event.’ They now hunger for data to revitalize and cure their amnesiac
state. The goSeries mimobots - ta2b, galaxor, jolibear, vera - each
have their own backstory and personality. For instance, vera the vamp
is out most nights sucking bits from wherever she can find a juicy
victim, and her hobbies include flying at night through the
kaleidoscopic canyons of the planet blõôh. Along with cosmos Series
mimobots, you can find out more about all their stories and adopt your
own at www.mimoco.com.

Within the digital minds of all mimobots
resides special bonus content. UK-based design studio, Peskimo, lends
their talents to goSeries mimobots and provides character specific
mini-animations, games, and other amusements for your enjoyment.

"We’re excited to contribute to the mimobot adventure," said David
Partington & Jodie Davis, partners at Peskimo. "mimoco’s efforts to
bridge art and tech is inspiring to us, so creating content and
personas for the goSeries mimobots is extremely rewarding and we look
forward to fans discovering this world."

There will be 500 of
each goSeries mimobot produced. Storage capacities range from 256MB to
2GB ($69.95 to $189.95) and they are available for pre-order now at


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