If you read Vinyl Pulse, you know that they have been doing a great job following the production of Tequilla.  Tequila is the first in a series of rotocast vinyl figures to be released by Muttpop. The first run of figures will have three variations of this beautifully designed Lucha Libre character (Original, Extra Spicy, Raw) and includes a rotating head and removable soft vinyl poncho.

Look for the Original Version (700 pieces) to retail around $60 each and for the Extra Spicy Version (250 pieces) to retail for around $75 apiece.


Abandoned by his biological parents in
the barren deserts of Mexico, the infant Tequila was found and raised
by a very caring family of desert cacti.  One very sad day, his adopted
parents died. After many days of crying, Tequila took his parents
deceased remains and fermented them in an empty Tequila bottle. When he
needs a quick boost of physical strength, Tequila empowers himself by
taking a sip from this very special bottle.  This former member of East
L.A.’s Luchadores 5 is an excellent fighter. In addition to being super
strong, he has tons of wisdom in the art of fighting. When not fighting
and insulting people, Tequila can be found in his trailer park home
either arguing with his wife (whom he loves dearly) or cooking one of
his favorite dishes.

Tequila was co-created and designed by Gobi and Jerry Frissen.
Although originally created for a comic series, Jerry and his friend,
Robert Silva, felt that this excellent character deserved to have life
BEYOND the panels of a comic book page. With this in mind, Jerry and
Robert started Muttpop, Inc. Expect to see many more original Lucha
Libre vinyl figures from Muttpop. With over 30 new characters already
designed for the upcoming comic series (to be published in Europe by
Les Humanoides Associes in 2006), Muttpop has a treasure trove of ideas
for a series of beautiful designer toys.

The mysterious Monster5 sculpted the Tequila figure. He has worked
previously on Necessaries Toy Foundations’ Fafi figurine, So So Def’s
Afroman, and Meltdown's Melto-fu.


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