On October 14th, Wootini will be launching their next show - "Guys and Ghosts".

This show features the art of Meredith Dittmar, who hails from
Portland, Oregon.  For 10 Years, Meredith has crafted the 'My Guys'
from polymer clay.  She was featured on HGTV and various other outlets for her talents.  More information about Meredith can me obtained from her website - http://www.corporatepig.com.


Back on the East Coast, Wootini has Mark Bodnar and Trevor Zammit - the
brain behind the sheet.  The "Sheet Ghosts" were conceived in 2004.  If
you are interested in joining the Junior Sheet Folding club, better
show up at this show and certainly check out their website - Sheet Ghosts.


The opening is at 7pm, and runs until around Midnight.  Usual
sustenance will be provided, not sure on which beer yet.  Tracks to be
layed by Family.  So come on out to the Carr Mill Mall in Carrboro, NC for another great Wootini event.

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