Art Asylum had a number of exclusives available at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  Among the exclusives were two brand new lines – Jump Tribe and Napster.  We’re going to be reviewing both of the exclusive plush dolls that were introduced to us way back in July.




The Jump Tribe is a line of short stories written by horror writer Clive Barker.  That name might ring a bell since he wrote, directed and produced some fairly famous films in the Hellraiser and Candyman series.  Art Asylum has introduced a line of 4 plush toys.  Each is packaged with a different book from the series.

The SDCC exclusive Yaboo includes the Yaboo book, which will also be
available with the Yaboo (with wings) plush.  Although some folks
thought that the short story might be creepy and disturbing (in
Hellraiser fashion), it’s actually about three friends who happen
across a hole – which ends up getting them into trouble.

Yaboo was the first character introduced.  He is packaged in a
rather uneventful, solid white box.  Art Asylum will be spicing their
boxes up once the first series is launched. The material is 100%
polyester, so he doesn’t have the “soft” feel of your normal plush
toy.  (The first series will be made of softer plush material) The
color scheme is psychedelic looking, but it is a good representation of
Barker’s artwork.

Personally, I’m still on the fence about this plush Yaboo.  I like
the winged Yaboo, so maybe it’s just the material used for this
exclusive.  Be on the lookout for the other 4 characters and their
accompanying books.

Overall Grade: 90%

Napster Kitty


Five years ago, Napster was a program hated by the record industry.
Now the program is legit and they are even creating toys of the
infamous Napster Kitty mascot.  Art Asylum has the Napster license.
They are planning on releasing vinyl and plush toys revolving around
the kitty logo.

The Rock Star Napster Kitty beanie was made available at
Comic Con.  He is all decked out in his anarchy t-shirt and has pseudo
spiked bracelets.  The rear of his shirt states Summer Tour 2005

The plush beanie stands at about 6 inches in height.  The body is
filled with a beanbag, so it can sit upright.  Art Asylum has released
a large Napster pillow and they have plans for a vinyl toy as well.

Overall Grade: 89%