Cannonball Press 2005 World Tour is on its way to Carrboro, NC and Wootini.  Wootini presents "In the Throes of Kookamunga" on Saturday, November 5th, from 7pm until 12am (or until Mike and  Heather kick everyone out) at their gallery in the Carr Mill Mall.  Punk and Country music, Cheerwine, and perhaps some other beverages will be on hand; Cannonball Press will be present and in full-force at Wootini's opening.

The Cannonball Press team of Michael Mazorra and Michael Houston others have assembled an amazing body of work from artists from all over the U.S., including pieces from Chapel Hill's own Bill Fick!  Massive 8ft x 4ft banners, Giant Monster Banners, and low priced prints will all be available
for sale.  Go to or call 919.933.6061 for more details.

Wootini has also posted a number of items from the Guys and Ghosts gallery show up on their website.  If you are into Meredith Dittmar's My Guys polymer clay dioramas...they have tons of them!  They also have paintings and figures from Mark Bodnar and Trevor Zammit - responsible for Sheet Ghosts.  Check here for the currently available items.

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