Überbot, the first
store to feature designer toys in the southeastern
United States, is proud to present Ghosts in the Machine
at the beautiful Winter Park Village.  Ghosts in the
Machine is a gallery event that features popular
designers Nakanari and Bloo Empire, their impressive
selection of designer toys, original canvas art, hand
made plush and much more.  Both Nakanari and Bloo Empire
have been tremendously successful with their designer
toy creations and original artwork.  They’ve impressed
art collectors the world over at gallery events with
their incredible custom work.  With Ghosts in the
Machine, these powerhouse designers come together for
the first time to introduce their work to Central
Florida and do their part to help shape the world of
designer toys and urban vinyl.

Nakanari and Bloo Empire represent a growing number of
artists from creative fields including graphic design,
street art and sculpture to traditional painting, who
have designed toys to be crafted in vinyl. Urban vinyl
is the culmination of a merger of toy and art that began
in the late nineties with an artist named Michael Lau. 
Asked to create an album cover, he created a
three-dimensional vinyl sculpture influenced by his own
fascination with urban style and hip-hop culture.   The
resulting sculpture, and cover, were hits, and inspired
Lau to further creations combining aspects of urban
culture.  The idea of toys as legitimate artwork was
accepted and Urban Vinyl emerged spawning a growing
genre of artistic and limited edition toys ranging from
the adorable to the twisted.

As part of the Überbot Grand Opening celebration, the
artists will be displaying their custom artwork, toys,
apparel and plush.  They will be performing
customizations of some of their creations during the
show.  Two one-of-a-kind Nakanari creations will be
raffled off in a drawing with all proceeds to benefit
the ASPCA Disaster Relief Fund which helps animals that
are victims of natural disasters. In addition to the
vinyl sculptures, the artists will also have a selection
of their paintings on display.  The gallery will also
have paintings on display from other artists including
David Rankin, Dan Brereton, and local talents Phil Noto,
and Dennis Brown.

Be sure to stop by Überbot in Winter Park on Saturday,
October 15th to get a taste of what Urban Vinyl is all
about.  Gallery items for Ghosts in the Machine will be
available for display between 10 am and 11 pm and the
opening reception for the artists will be held from 7 pm
to 11 pm.  Überbot at located at 480 N. Orlando Avenue
Suite 126 in the Winter Park Village, in Winter Park,
Florida.  Ghosts in the Machine will be the premier toy
and urban art event of the year.


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