SAM: Super Animal Robot


Red Magic
gives us the breakdown of their latest creation - SAM (Super Animal Robot):

Traditionally, Pandas give the impression of being gentle, cute & peaceful. They have a huge body and a lazy character. What would you think if they became violent and invaded the Earth? SAM is an extraterrestrial, pretending to be a Panda & hiding on Earth, waiting until the right time to execute their invasion operation. They are threat to the peace of the World!!

In series one - called World Attack Series - we find famous people and symbols from around world.  These people are likely to attack other countries or become attack targets. (You can see Napoleon, the Statue of Liberty, etc.)

About the product: It is 3 inches high with a two ball join concept.  It means that the head and the body can move 360 degrees.  Each product will hold a panda magic stick.  There will be 7 styles and 12 pcs in a box.


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