The expanding realm of designer toys has introduced us to several useful “toys”.  Mimoco’s line of mimobots is one of these very impressive lines.  By combining a designer toy with a USB flash drive, mimoco has given us a justifiable reason to spend money on a toy.


Available in 256MB, 512MB and 1GB, these 3-inch tall figures can easily be plugged into your computer’s USB drive.  Mimobots are compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.  Just plug them in and you’re ready to go (unless you have Windows 98 like myself – then you’ll need to download a driver).

When you purchase a mimobot, the price will differ based on the size
of the USB drive.  The figures also come pre-loaded with files,
including music tracks from DJ DB.  These music tracks will only be
available on Series 1 – the Cosmos Series.

The Cosmos Series consists of 4 mimobot designs.  Toy designer,
Yahid Rodriguez, is responsible for the isadore and fairybit
characters.  The Cosmos Series also has 2 protobots (one in white and
one in black).  If you are looking for a toy – I’d suggest going with
either isadore or fairybit as they are character based.


The photos you see above are of the San Diego Comic Con logobot.
It’s a 128MB mimobot that was limited to an edition of 50 figures.
When you plug the drive into your USB port, you will see the tail of
these figures light up.  Don’t worry…this means it’s working. 

I’m looking forward to seeing more character based designs in
subsequent mimobot series.  I believe that isadore and fairybot are the
standouts of the Cosmos Series.  If you were in the market for a flash
memory drive to store important computer files, wouldn’t you rather
have a mimobot than your run of the mill flash drive?  It’s a very cool
design and useful to boot.


They currently retail for between $69.99 and $139.99 through mimoco's online store.  The price depends on the size of the drive.  They will also be hitting many of your favorite urban vinyl shops in the near future.

Overall Grade: 94%


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