Wootini again has partnered with STRANGEco to bring collectors an exclusive art toy.  This time, the figure is from the wicked mind of Scott Musgrove.  Brought to life from his paintings, the Booted Glamour Cat – scientific name Felis Glamorous Nigripes – can be found in a number of various color combinations.


Musgrove has created several paintings of supposed extinct animals.  The Booted Glamour Cat figure is an exact shrunken scale model of the original creature, which roamed North America until the 1800’s.  This is all made up, of course. 

There is actually a very nice write up of the character’s background
on the packaging.   This is also a package that is easily displayable.
It appears to be a small cage that you’d see at a sideshow.   It’s one
of the more collectible friendly packages out there.


The figure is well constructed with a head that swivels.  The
paintwork on this figure is what sets it apart from many other vinyl
toys.  There is a lot of intricate painting on the face of the Glamour
Cat.  Just look at how you can see the pink gums of the Natural
version.  There are other versions that are Pattern versions because
they have patterns on their bodies.


There are currently 8 different Booted Glamour Cat versions.  The
two pictured in this review are the Natural and the Indigo versions.
The Natural is limited to 600 pieces, while the Indigo is limited to
.  Wootini still has the Natural Glamour Cat on sale for $25.95 (the
Indigo is sold out). That’s really a great price for a figure of this
quality.  I had to pick up the Indigo version at Comic Con because it’s
just a very twisted looking character.  I love the smile!

Overall Grade: 98%


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