It seems that a number of toy companies have their own line of mini block figures.  Art Asylum has their Minimates line, which appeals to a wide range of collectors.  Since Art Asylum has a number of strong licenses, collectors and kids alike purchase these products.


With licenses like Stark Trek, Lord of the Rings, Marvel and DC comics,
Minimates are no slouch in the mini block figure market.  They can be
found at specialty boutiques as well as local stores such as Target and
Toys R Us

They are pretty affordable, as the Marvel Fantastic 4 set below retails
for less than $20.  And at 2 inches tall, with 14 points of
…they are very cool. 


Another feature with Minimates are the huge number of accessories.
Figures have helmets and hair to match their comic or movie
characters.  Some also come with weapons and outfits. Very cool!

And the packaging is definitely above average.  While you won’t be able
to display most of these toys in the packaging, the box does have a
list of figures in each series on the back of the package.


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