Underground Toys sends news about Little Apple Dolls Series 3:


Little Apple Doll fans will be thrilled to hear about the arrival of Series 3 and Underground Toys are forecasting, based on website feedback, that this series are going to be the most sought after yet. 

Each doll’s costume is beautifully elaborate.  The collection includes
the spooky Oneris dressed all in black, Vates the prophetress, the
corrupted Sanem, Triginta Tres and we understand there is a MYSTERY
doll which Underground Toys anticipate to be a really big seller. 
They wouldn’t disclose any information but apparently this doll will be
short packed.

Included with each doll is a very dark and surreal story book about the
character’s life and the apple and pins. An Underground Toys spokesman
said, “since we started the Little Apple Doll Fan Club where the
‘Furenzu’ (fans) can chat online we know that Series 3 will be the most
popular yet”. 

Series 3 is expected to be in stores at the end of the year.

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