Something I like to do is look for really amazing artists, who should be household names.  Well, Melita Curphy falls into that category.  She is producing some very cool plush designs, model kits and drawings (not to mention a crazy halloween mask!).  In the next month or so, I will be reviewing some of Mel's creations in more depth...but for some more about Miss Monster!


Since I was 8, I have been a comic/horror/creature/ geek and I
have always drawn monsters. Growing up with the wierdo toys from the
1980's influenced me first, giving me the near lifelong fantasy of having my own articulated action figure line. Articulation is pretty
difficult so...I've gone more towards the model kit/doll route until I
can get joints and perfect casting down better 😉


I began sculpting seriously about four years ago after graduating
from art school with a traditional animation/illustration major. I've
drawn most of my life but sculpting seems to have become more enjoyable
for me, much more satisfying and interesting than a flat artwork though
it takes so much longer.

I'm influenced by many people and things. I hate to
be a comic nerd but Yukito Kishiro has been an artist that I've admired
consistently for so long though it might not be obvious looking at my
artwork.. Since my list of artist influences is so long, I'd like to
mention that much of my inspiration for creatures comes from the animal
kingdom. Looking at animals and the way they move and are built is the
best way to get great monster ideas though many of my goofy
creatures may look very cartoony and stylized. I grew up with nature
shows and Zoobooks and I still have a ton of field guides and animal
manuals and I consider myself a slight animal nerd.

I'm trying to find my niche with what I do, it's hard for me to
focus on one material or technique. Right now I have a great job
animating for a film called A Scanner Darkly but after that job ends in
November I'd like to try sculpting miniatures for RPG companies and
doing another model kit...


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