I know you've heard of Frank Kozik...and you might have even heard about the line of mini figures he did with Basik Toys.  Well here is your chance to own the whole set of infamous mini figs: Los Locos and Kozik Superstars.

Rotofugi has the entire set (65 total figures + 10 vending machine prints) for only $59 a pop.  The Superstars come group in sets of 4 figures in 12 different colors.  There are also 13 different Los Locos characters.  Two of the prints are signed and numbered by Kozik.

These figures were initially only available through vending machines (like the quarter machines you'd find at K-Mart).  Kozik at K-Mart?!?!  But now you'll only be able to find these through these sets...unless you're lucky enough to find a vending machine with these.

The Kozik Superstars/Los Locos sets are limited to only 100 numbered sets.