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SDCC Exclusives from October Toy and Toy Break

If you're going to San Diego Comic Con, the October Toys and Toy Break booth #4838 will have some exclusive items you might want to purchase.

October Toys OMFG purple

The OMFG Series 1 from October Toys will be available in regular pink/flesh color, glow-in-the-dark, and the new purple colorway.

October Toys Shrympee Purple

Created by The Chung and produced by 3DRetro, the Syzzuro Shrympee (purple edition) is limited to 100 pieces and will be available for $15.00.

October Toys Chipster Purple

Designed by Scott Tolleson and sculpted by George Gaspar, the Toy Break edition Chipster will be available for $35.00 each.

October Toys Toy Break Cards

Six Toy Break Collectible Trading Cards will be available throughout the convention for free, one per day at October Toys/Toy Break booth.

OMFG Series 1 with Color Changing Mutation at SDCC


3DRetro will be setting up shop at booth #4734 at San Diego Comic Con. One of their special SDCC releases is the OMFG Series 1 with Color Changing Mutation. They change from a dark greenish-blue color when cold to a light red when warm/hot. The special colorway will be limited to a run of only 200 packs (5 different figures per pack) and sell for $10.00.


SDCC Exclusive Young Gohst


The 3" tall Young Gohst from Ferg x Grody Shogun will be offered to the public for the first time (they have been released as part of a subscription). Made of Japanese vinyl, the white Ghost will be available at the DKE Toys' San Diego Comic Con booth #4728. Limited to an edition of 50 pieces, you'll be able to purchase one for $35.00.

Ferg and Luke Rook will be signing at the DKE booth on Saturday, July 14th 2012 at 4:00PM, and Ferg will also be signing with Scott Wilkowski on Thursday, July 12th 2012 at 5:00PM.

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Kage Version Slenderman

DKE SDCC Slenderman

DKE Toys will have the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Kage Version Slenderman by Fuei Shokai. Limited to only 9 pieces, this 6″ tall. figure will be available beginning on Preview Night. You'll be able to purchase one for $55.00.

SDCC Dragatomi Exclusive Funguhs

Dead Hand Toys Funguhs SDCC

Dead Hand Toys will be housing some of their figures at the Dragatomi booth at this year's San Diego Comic Con. The Dragatomi Exclusive Funguhs will be limited to a run of six figures (each painted and clear coated in a unique color).

They'll be available beginning on preview night. Each resin figure will run $25.00 and come bagged with a header card.

Clear Red Mao Bust from Kozik at SDCC

DKE SDCC Kozik Bust

Obviously, the DKE Toys booth (#4728) will be the joint to hit up for San Diego Comic Con Exclusives. They announced this limited edition of 25 clear red vinyl Mao Busts from Frank Kozik and Veracious Vinyl. Each 15" tall piece will sell for $300.00. And Mr. Kozik will be stopping by the DKE booth on Friday July 13th 2012 at 3:00PM and Saturday July 14th 2012 at 5:00PM.

Melty Misfits SDCC Edition

DKE SDCC Melty Misfits

DKE Toys has announced that they'll have this very special exclusive Melty Misfits card pack from Buff Monster and SideKick at San Diego Comic Con. The 7 card pack contains the exclusive SDCC sticker card “Messed-Up Melvin” with a special printed sketch back and 2012 Exclusive SDCC logo.

The packs are $5.00 each and limited to only 200 packs. And Buff Monster will be signing at the DKE Toys booth #4728 on Saturday, July 14th 2012 at 1:00PM.

Ragnar’s Pepper Glow in the Dark Edition

3DRetro Ragnar GID 2

3DRetro will be spending San Diego Comic Con at Frank Kozik's booth (#4734). One of their latest SDCC exclusive announcements is Ragnar's Pepper Glow in the Dark Edition. Limited to a run of only 100 pieces, this 6" tall figure will sell for $40.00.

With a somewhat confused look on his skull face, Pepper holds two smaller objects (1 in each hand). As with the other Pepper's released in the past, the hat is removable and the base is also a separate piece. For those who didn't know, every Pepper released has not only had a different color to him but also a different skull for the hat, different arms and different accessories. GID Pepper will be available at the 3DRetro/Kozik booth as well as Ragnar's booth.

3DRetro Ragnar GID 1

Mezco Reveals Summer Exclusives

Mezco Toyz has revealed their 2012 Summer Exclusive lineup:

Mezco Mega Mez Itz Batman

Dark Knight Mez-itz Mega Scale Batman
The 20 inch tall figure features a real cloth black cape and 5 points of articulation.
$200.00 - Edition size TBD.

Mezco Mez Itz Wonder Woman

6" Metallic Wonder Woman Mez-itz
Mez-Itz Wonder Woman is the first female character in the DC Universe lineup and the first to feature sculpted hair. This version features an exclusive metallic finish and a real rope Lasso of Truth.
$20.00 - Edition size TBD.

Mezco Catwoman Keychain

Catwoman Key Ring 2" Mez-itz
Catwoman features 5 points of articulation and a sturdy metal clasp.
$8.00 - Edition size TBD.

Mezco Mumm Ra

Glow-in-the-Dark Mumm-Ra and Decayed-form Mumm-Ra 2-Pack
Based on the the original animated series, this mega-scale figure is 14 inches and features 8 points of articulation as well as a real cloth cape and bandages.
This Summer Exclusive features a glow-in-the-dark blue skin and comes packed with a Decayed Form Mumm-Ra, created from an entirely new sculpt, showing him in his decrepit natural state.
$50.00 - Edition size TBD.

Mezco Earthworm Jim

Metallic Earthworm Jim Action Figure
The 6 inch scale Earthworm Jim features 8 points of articulation. He comes complete not only with his plasma blaster, but with an alternate “bendy” unsuited worm body as well. This Summer Exclusive edition features a special metallic finish ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit. He also sports a special “groovy” head sculpt unique to this Summer Exclusive.
$18.00 - Edition size TBD.

Mezco Living Dead Dolls 6

Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Set : Series 6
The latest dolls to be reimagined for the collection are:
Demonique, Blue, Schitzo, and Ms. Eerie.
$225.00 - This is a limited edition of 300 sets worldwide.

All of Mezco’s Summer Exclusives will be available for purchase via their website or at the summer events they will be attending - including San Diego Comic Con at Booth #3445.

The Toy Whose Name We Cannot Speak

DKE SDCC Sucklord

Here is a toy. It has a name. But, thanks to The Sucklord, we shall not speak it. The figure will be released at the DKE Toys booth on Friday July 13th 2012 at 10:00AM, followed by a signing with The Sucklord at 11:00AM. The 5" tall Toy Whose Name We Cannot Speak will be limited to a run of only 9 pieces and will sell for $150.00.