The Sucklord will be bringing 4 SDCC Exclusive Suckadelic figures to the DKE Toys booth.

DKE Sucklord Licorice Leslie

Licorice Leslie will be available on Wednesday - Preview Night. DKE will have 70 pieces available. Each 3" tall figure will run $45.00.

DKE Sucklord Gay Energon

Gay Energon: Roddiums Pride will be released on Thursday at 11:00AM, during a signing with The Sucklord. The 3.75" tall figure will be limited to 40 pieces and sell for $125.00.

DKE Sucklord Gay Enterprise

The Gay Enterprise 2 pack will also be available on Thursday at 11:00AM. With 30 pieces available, the 3.75" tall piece will be available for $150.00.

DKE Sucklord Toy Cannot Speak

Finally, The Toy Whose Name We Cannot Speak will be the third piece released on Thursday during a signing with The Sucklord. The 5" tall figure (no packaging) will be limited to only 9 pieces and sell for $150.00.

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