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Keithing’s Ox Warriors – Available Now!

keithing ox warriors 1

Toy Qube has released the Ox Warriors by Keithing. This character is one of the twelve Warriors from the "Myth Warriors" series (the Ox Warrior is the biggest figure in the series). Being one of the "12 Chinese Zodiac Signs", The Ox Warrior represents the years of 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009.

Limited to an edition size of 50 pieces, each of the 12" tall hand cast and hand painted figures comes signed and numbered. they're currently available for $189.99 each.

keithing ox warriors 2

“Red Dragon” Warriors by Keithing

red dragon 1

Toy Qube has announced details of the release of the "Red Dragon" Warriors by Keithing. The figures will be released through their online shop on Monday February 14th 2011 at 1PM EST. This figure is an edition of 8 pieces, each retailing for $238.00.

The colors of Red & Gold in Chinese culture means good luck, and good fortune... Keithing also painted the a Dragon symbols on the custom box meant to bring you good luck in the coming Year.

red dragon 2

Baby Sharky by Keithing

baby sharky black

Sharky is one the most popular characters from Keithing and ToyQube. And they've added a new Sharky family member with the 5" Baby Sharky. They eat so much and too lazy to go swim around, you can tell from their big belly!! Currently, the figure is available in two color editions - Black or Gray. The edition size is limited to 150 pieces of each colorway.

For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys. Look for these to retail around $45.00 each.

baby sharky gray