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Beneath The Harvest – Pumpkin Crab

Starting tomorrow (August 8th 2017) at 11AM ET, Toy Qube will be taking pre-orders for Jim Mckenzie's Beneath The Harvest - Pumpkin Crab vinyl figurine. This is the 2nd collaborative toy release between Jim and Toy Qube (after "The Scarecrow"). A few years back Jim did a resin version of Pumpkin Crab in resin that instantly sold out. This new version stands approximately 10 inches tall and features 2 craws and 6 legs.

The figure is a limited edition of 180 pieces. Each figure runs $145.00 and includes free shipping in the US. They're anticipated to begin shipping in October 2017.

Popeye Grin G.I.D by Ron English

Toy Qube is releasing the Popeye Grin G.I.D figure from artist Ron English. This 10-inch tall pieces is produced using a new technique that allows for no two figures to be exactly the same. The glow-in-the-dark version is limited to a run of 180 pieces and can currently be ordered for $175.00.

Toy Qube’s Lucha Squid and Astro Boy Vinyl

Toy Qube will be releasing a pair of figures on Wednesday June 14th 2017 at 11am. The Lucha Squid by Germs is made of soft vinyl and measures approximately 8 inches tall. The figure is a limited edition of 80 pieces and sells for $115.00 each.

Additionally, the 9-inch Astro Boy vinyl, by ToyQube x Tekuza Productions, re-imagines the anime icon Astro Boy as the Statue of Liberty. This full colored version features Astro Boy's date of birth on the tablet in his left hand. This limited edition figure is available for pre-order, with 250 pieces running $95.00 each.

ToyQube’s 4.75-inch Vinyl Boxing Brain

ToyQube has announced that their 4.75-inch tall vinyl Boxing Brain will be available for preorder beginning today (March 20th 2017) at 11AM ET. From artist Ron English, the 4.75-inch Boxing Brain Series 01 will feature the original Red colorway, as well as Gold, Sliver, and Clear. Each one is individually packed, and available for $25.00. They're expected to begin shipping in mid/late April 2017.

Josh Keyes’ LIFTED II

ToyQube Keyes Lifted II 1

Josh Keyes will be releasing his LIFTED II piece for pre-order beginning on Tuesday October 8th 2013 both via his site and The 6" tall figure will be limited to a run of 350 pieces, each one signed and numbered. They're estimated to begin shipping in January 2014 and will be available to purchase for $265.00 each.

ToyQube Keyes Lifted II 2
ToyQube Keyes Lifted II 3

Keithing’s The Soul Taker

Keithng Soul Taker3

Keithing will be releasing his new custom, featuring a 7" Labbit and a 6" Kathie Olivas Bat Boy. Named The Soul Taker, you'll be able to pick one up at beginning today (September 20th 2013) at 11AM ET for $385.00 each (Free shipping in the US).

Keithng Soul Taker
Keithng Soul Taker2
Keithng Soul Taker4

Keithing’s WWRp Ape Bramble

Keithing Ape Bramble 1

Keithing (Keith Poon) will be releasing a new custom series - the WWRp Ape Bramble - on Wednesday June 27th 2012 at Noon ET at Inspired by the Planet Of The Ape movie, Keith sculpted a helmet over Tim Tsui's ape head keychain. It was then fit it on 3A's WWRp Heavy Bramble body and given a red Swarovski crystal eye.

If you're interested in purchasing one, this will be a limited edition run of 12 custom pieces. Each piece will run $329.99.

Keithing Ape Bramble 2

Tiger The Hut

Tiger The Hut Keithing

Keithing calls his newest custom "TIGER THE HUT". This custom takes advantage of Ron English's Fat Tony vinyl. It will be released on February 29th 2012 at 1:00PM EST on via ToyQube. These will run $375.00 each.

Keithing’s Custom Release

Keithing Hunter Dunny

Keithing and Toy Qube will be releasing a new series of customs today (February 8th 2012) at 1:00PM via

8" Hunter Dunny - $375.00
Is an edition of 6 pieces, with each one hand caved on the head and painted in acrylic paints. It includes a 7.5" tall weapon.

3A's BotHead - $649.00
Is an edition of 6 pieces (2 shipping now and 4 made to order). It comes with a wooden panel that can be mounted on the wall. Real Elk Antlers are inserted on the BotHead, making the figure about 36" across.

Keithing Antler BotHead

The Dragon Warrior Black Gold Edition

Toy Qube Black Gold Dragon Keithing

To celebrate the year of Dragon 2012, Toy Qube will be releasing their Black Gold Edition of Keithing's The Dragon Warrior. It will all go down on the first day of Chinese New Year, January 23rd 2012 at 1:00PM EST. This 10-inch tall resin will be limited to only 30 pieces. You'll be able to pick one up for $180.00 (plus free shipping in the US).

"This edition features a really nice of glossy black and gold paint on the Dragon Warrior, each one is hand painted by the artist, also comes with a custom made wooden box."