The Planet Bedlam

The Planet Bedlam is the newest project from Plaseebo artist Bob Conge. Bedlam, the home planet of the Skulloctopus from outer space is located in sector J222 . This sector … Read More

Dead Ben from Dead Presidents and Plaseebo

Matt Walker of Dead Presidents Designs and Bob Conge of Plaseebo will debut the prototype of their collaborative project – the “Dead Ben” figure – at San Diego Comic Con. … Read More

SDCC10: Plaseebo and Matt Walker

Matt Walker of Dead Presidents will be offering two ultra limited Plaseebo customs as part of The Global Figure Symposium at San Diego Comic Con. Both editions are painted by … Read More

Plaseebo Celsius Tank Custom

Bob Conge has released several photos of the Plaseebo Custom “Celsius Tank” for the upcoming custom show. The Celsius Tank is a one off piece using vinyl and resin. It … Read More

Skulloctopus Rex

Bob Conge will be sending his “Skulloctopus Rex” Plaseebo custom across the pond to the Kaiju Attack show. Taking place at the Atticus Gallery in Barcelona, Spain, the show will be … Read More

Billy and The Atomic Esophagus

"Billy and The Atomic Esophagus" is a custom piece that Bob Conge (Plaseebo) made for a friend of many years to commemorate his battle and miraculous recovery from esophageal cancer. … Read More

Dead Ben for President

Bob Conge of Plaseebo sent along this photo, entitled Dead Ben for President. I’m not sure if this will be released as a low run figure series or if it’s … Read More

Plaseebo’s Gunkanjima

Bob Conge of Plaseebo has created a pair of Gunkanjima figures – each one uniquely hand painted and signed by Bob. These 8" tall hand cast resin figures feature eye … Read More

Plaseebo’s Kaiju Qee

Bob Conge and Plaseebo have been invited to create a custom for "Qeeology 2.5", the Toy2R 15th Anniversary World Tour. Bob’s custom 2.5" Qee is titled "Kaiju Qee". It has … Read More

FRIGISCARE P3 / Black at Dragatomi

Plaseebo will be represented at Dragatomi’s Not Vinyl Show, which opens this Saturday – May 8th 2010 at 7PM. Bob Conge’s "FRIGISCARE P3 / Black" is made of hand cast … Read More

Plaseebo Cheshire Cat Custom

As often happens, artists sometimes like to exchange art pieces. Bob Conge from Plaseebo Custom and Leecifer decided to trade customs. Lee suggested that Bob use a custom built Cheshire … Read More

Legend of Plaseebo Mummy with Sarcophagus

Plaseebo is 5 years old this month. And they’re giving you a reverse sneak peek at their very first figure – the Legend of Plaseebo Mummy with Sarcophagus. The Plaseebo … Read More