The Black Hole – V.I.N.CENT

The live-action film, The Black Hole, was Disney’s first PG-rated production back in 1979. With 2009 being the 30th anniversary of The Black Hole, MINDstyle has started working on a limited edition art toy collectible figure of V.I.N.CENT for collectors….

Michael Lau’s The Godfather

MINDstyle has unveiled a painted version of Michael Lau’s The Godfather marionette. They are planning on to the release of a Classic and Secret version by Michael Lau. Both products are scheduled to reach store shelves in fall 2009 worldwide.

The Making of The Godfather

MINDstyle has given fans a first look at the early sculpting of Michael Lau’s The Godfather Original (marionette) version. As the first collectible figure being launched as part of MINDstyle’s new (ATC) art toy collectibles line, the style and approach…

Michael Lau’s The Godfather

Michael Lau lends his artistic vision to MINDstyle’s art collectibles line based on the classic film – The Godfather. The Don Vito Corleone 8″ tall (Original) marionette version vinyl figure will be released this July as a limited edition piece….

Michael Lau’s Snake Square S007

MINDstyle introduces Michael Lau’s Snake Square S007 vinyl figure. The latest and exclusive new figure is one of the more limited color versions as Lau continues his collaboration with MINDstyle. The 6″ tall monotone figure looks to retail around $125….

MINDstyle’s Serv-O-Matics

MINDstyle introduces their Serv-O-Matics Mini Figure Series by Brandt Peters. The 3.5″ to 4″ tall figures are made of vinyl with ABS. Look for them to retail around $14.99 per Blind Boxed piece. The figure ratios are as follows: Cabb-E…

Coming Soon From Doktor A

So where will the newest of Doktor A’s Mechtorians pop up? This alternate colorway of the Mr. Head figure is the Mourning Edition and will only be available via his online shop. “Mr. Head decked out in his Mourning attire…

REVIEW: Scavengers Series 1 – Red Hazel

Background Last year, MINDstyle released one of the most anticipated and talked about designer mini figure lines ever. Kathie Olivas’ Scavengers Mini Figure Series 1 featured seven different characters straight from the artist’s paintings and customs. For purposes of this…

Michael Lau x MINDstyle = The Godfather

What?!?!? Michael Lau and MINDstyle will be releasing limited edition art toys based on The Godfather? Is this some kind of April Fool’s joke?

Brandt Peters’ Peacemaker 32.9

MINDstyle has released the Peacemaker 32.9 by Brandt Peters. The stylized 12″ tall figure is the first in Brandt’s Serv-O-Matics series. While the mini figure series is scheduled for release summer, MINDstyle is delivering this limited original version of 300…

Michael Lau’s Jordon

The highly anticipated and sought-after Michael Lau’s Jordon 049 x 023 x MINDstyle figures are finally available to MINDstyle’s ATS members. There will be a limited amount being offered online this Friday (today, actually) and in-store at De La Barracuda…

Mechtorians Series 1 – VERDIGRIS

With MINDstyle’s Mechtorians Series 1 mini-figures by Doktor A at retailers, they’ve announced several lucky draw prizes (you’ll need to find a ticket to win). The first six figures include DJ Gramo (Entertainer), Stephen LePodd (explorer), Scuttler the Butler (Domestic)…