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Sweet Tooth Marbled Cestoda

Lulubell Toys has announced release details for the "Sweet Tooth" Marbled Cestoda from Miscreation Toys. Jeremi Rimel's mega kaiju - standing approximately 11 inches tall - is produced in collaboration with Toy Art Gallery. The pre-order will be open for one week - running February 9th through February 16th 2018 exclusively via Lulubell Toys. If you're interested in picking one up, be ready to drop $275.00 plus shipping for the Sweet Tooth Marbled Cestoda.

Osoroshi Jaws Kai Hammer (Terror Jaws Kai Hammer)

Lulubell Toys has announced a special lottery for purchase of this limited edition handpainted Osoroshi Jaws Kai Hammer release. Osoroshi Jaws Kai Hammer (Terror Jaws Kai Hammer) stands in at 9 inches tall. Made by Jetturre/Handsome Taro, the figure is cast in teal vinyl and handpainted by Grody Shogun in carmel, orange, pink, red, white, and black. The piece will include a special omake (bonus figure) lamprey on chain.

They'll be taking email lottery entries for the right to purchase due to limited quantities. The lottery is open now through Sunday, December 17th at Midnight Pacific Time. Winners will be notified Monday morning and have 48 hours to pay or we will select another winner. The figure will retail for $400.00 plus shipping.
To enter lottery, please send an email to
Email Title: Kai Hammer lottery
Email Body (English please, no special characters):
Full name:
Complete Shipping address:
Paypal email:

Hana Early Prototype Version

Lulubell is offering a special early prototype version of the much awaited Hana figure by Junko Mizuno.

"Hana is like a representative of my current art style decorated with all the flowers and flames that appear in my paintings and drawings. She's my very first sofubi figure and I'm looking forward to creating many different versions in the future."
~Junko Mizuno

The Hana Early Prototype Version is cast with a very special process which almost gives the appearance of blown glass. The 11.5-inch tall figure is articulated in the neck, arms and legs.

The pre-order closes today (Tuesday November 21st 2017) at 5PM PT. The figure runs $95.00 plus shipping, and will ship in late Spring 2018.

Met Death Golem from Lulubell

Lulubell has announced that the SECRETOY Met Death Golem by Splurrt will return for a new fall release this Saturday - September 30th 2017 - at 9AM PT. The piece has been cast in light tangerine vinyl with multi-colored spray detailing and gold handpainted facial accents. It includes a removable club accessory - so he can apparently beat baby seals with it. (He does look very angry) Thee 11-inch tall Met Death Golem will be limited to one piece per person and sell for $200.00 plus shipping.

Tauro’s Return by Splurrt! at Lulubell

Lulubell Toys has announced the release details of Tauro's Return by Splurrt! Cast in brown, white & gold glitter vinyl, Tauro tromps in at 10 inches tall and is articulated at the neck, arms, and legs. Made in Japan from genuine sofubi, the figure will be available beginning on Saturday, September 9th 2017 at Noon PT while supplies last. Tauro's Return will retail for $135.00 plus shipping

Also, keep Luke Rook (Grody Shogun) of Lulubell in your thoughts. His apartment in Tokyo burnt down last week. He was able to make it out of the apartment to the roof. "He's in the hospital now and has suffered what sounds like some very serious chemical lung damage that will get worse before it gets better he's been told." Follow the Lulubell Instagram account for updates.

Bōzu Takigyo Edition

From Planet 3 Toys comes Bōzu "滝行 Takigyo Edition. The Bōzu figure stands at approximately 3.5 inches tall and is cast in marbled dark and light blue sofubi. Takigyo Bōzu is marbled by hand, making each one completely unique. Each one comes with a hand made, stamped tag and is produced in Japan by Grody Shogun/Lulubell Toys. This version drops online this Saturday, July 15th 2017 at 1PM ET at Lulubell Toys for $30.00 plus shipping.