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Operation: ReDorbz – Supporting the USO


Over 200 hand-painted, limited edition Funko Captain America “Dorbz” are going up for auction exclusively on eBay (that's the link for bidding) beginning on July 21st 2016, with 100% of proceeds going to the United Service Organization (USO)

Marvel, Funko and eBay for Charity are joining together to celebrate Captain America’s 75th Anniversary with a charity auction of customized figurines to support the USO’s 75th Anniversary. Through Operation: ReDorbz, over 300 artists from Marvel Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, and Funko were invited to customize blank 18-inch Captain America “jumbo” Dorbz figures. Following a kick off as part of San Diego Comic Con (where 75 custom figures will be on display at Funko's San Diego offices), these unique pieces will be auctioned exclusively on eBay in support of the USO, a nonprofit, charitable corporation that supports US soldiers.

Mystery Minis: Disney Villains


Funko has announced a new series of Mystery Minis figures - the Mystery Minis: Disney Villains. Some of the most evil characters (and their companions) from Disney's rich history, will be a part of this series. The set features classics like Maleficent and her pet raven Diablo, Ursula and her moray eel minions Flotsam and Jetsam, the Red Queen with White Rabbit, and Cruella de Vil with Patch. There's Prince John and his confidant Sir Hiss, Shan Yu with Hayabusa the Falcon, and Dr. Facilier accompanied by his Voodoo doll round out the set. Look for the blind box series to land in September 2016.


Pop! TV: The A-Team


Funko is heading back to the 1980's with the announcement of their Pop! TV: The A-Team series. Master of disguise John 'Hannibal'
Smith, the unpredictable 'Howling Mad' Murdock, mechanic B.A. Baracus, and the smooth-talking Templeton 'Faceman' Peck are each represented. In addition to the original team, Funko will also be releasing the Pop! Ride: The A-Team Van (featuring a unique B.A. Baracus Pop! figure). The figures will hit shelves in August 2016, while that iconic van will land in September.



Pop! TV: Power Rangers


The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are apparently back to being popular again. Funko has announced the Pop! TV: Power Rangers series. Between the Green Ranger's martial arts skills, the Black Ranger's strength, the Yellow Ranger's quick wit, and the Blue Ranger's intelligence there's nothing they can't overcome...but you'll need to wait until they're released in August 2016.

New Pop! WWE Series


Yeah...I'm in my late 30's and I still watch WWE programming religiously. I could have told you who all of the above characters were without seeing their names. Should I be ashamed or proud of that? There are five new figures from Funko and their Pop! WWE series. You've got Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Kevin Owens, Bret Hart, and Eva Marie. All of them will drop in August 2016...or probably right around SummerSlam.