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Gremlins ReAction


This June, Funko will be releasing a series that will likely scare the crap out of my five year old. The Gremlins ReAction series will include the following: Billy Peltzer; Gizmo with Barney (the family dog), a trumpet, and candy cane; Christmas Gizmo wearing a Santa hat and with a keyboard; Mogwai Stripe with a tabletop arcade game; Gremlin Stripe with a chainsaw; Bandit Gremlin with a gun; Cinema Gremlin with his 3D glasses and movie popcorn.


Fabrikations: Baymax


Funko has announced a new addition to their Fabrikations family. Baymax from Big Hero 6 will join the line of 6-inch tall soft sculpted figures. He'll feature a rotating head and a "high-end, lush feel". Your personal healthcare companion should be available in July 2015...and he's not likely to deflate as often as he did in the film.

Ant-Man Pop!


Marvel's next big feature film will be Ant-Man, starring Paul Rudd as the title character. So it's not surprising that we're starting to see collectibles based on the movie. The latest is the Ant-Man Pop! figures from Funko. This includes both Ant-Man and his nemesis - Yellowjacket. Look for these to be released beginning in June 2015.

Minions Mystery Minis


While they were some of the most popular characters from Despicable Me, the Minions will be returning in their own film this June. So it's not a surprise that Funko has announced the first series of Minions Mystery Minis. This blind boxed series will feature 12 unique characters. Look for them to be available in the same month as the film opening -  June 2015.


Minions Pop! Series


Funko has announced a new series of Pop! figures...this one based on the stars of Despicable Me and the upcoming film - Minions. The Minions Pop! series features five different figures: Au Naturel, King Bob, Bored Silly Kevin, Cro-Minion, and Eye, Matie. For these Minions, you won't need to wait until the release of the film in June...they're currently available to purchase at your favorite toy shop.



Garbage Pail Kids Really Big Mystery Minis


Here's something that I've only been waiting for for the past 30 years. Funko will be commemorating 30 years of Garbage Pail Kids with the Garbage Pail Kids Really Big Mystery Mini Series. Each 3.75-inch tall gross-out vinyl will be a 1/12 rarity. You'll be able to pick up classics like Acne Amy, Ghastly Ashley, Leaky Lindsay, and Bony Tony. Look for these to be available beginning in July 2015.