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Vinyl Idolz: Fast Times at Ridgemont High


Vinyl Sugar has announced another series of Vinyl Idolz based on a classic 1980's film - Fast Times at Ridgemont High. They'll be releasing a pair of characters from the movie - Jeff Spicoli (with his slice of pizza) and Brad Hamilton (in his fast food job pirate gear). Thank goodness they didn't choose the infamous pool scene for Mr. Hamilton. They'll be available beginning in October 2015.

Vinyl Idolz: 1960’s Batman


With the recent passing of Yyvone Craig, it's somewhat fitting that Vinyl Sugar has announced her inclusion (as Batgirl) in their upcoming Vinyl Idolz: 1960's Batman Series. In addition to Batgirl, there's (of course) Batman and Robin. And since they need an enemy, they've included the Joker. It's pretty amazing how even with the cartoonish spin, they've gotten the figures to look quite similar to their 1960's television portrayers. Look for the entire series to be available in October 2015.


Pop! Heroes: Gotham


One of the surprise hits of this past year's television season was Fox's attempt at a Batman sequel - Gotham. Focusing on Detective Jim Gordon (and a much pre-pubescent Bruce Wayne), Gotham had critics (and this guy right here) buzzing. So it's only surprising that it took this long for Funko to announce a series of Pop! figures based on the show. The Pop! Heroes: Gotham give that cute Pop! treatment to that youngster Bruce Wayne, James Gordon, fellow detective Harvey Bullock, gangster Fish Mooney, Oswald Cobblepot (yeah...the Penguin),and another youngster in Selina Kyle (the future Catwoman). Look for these to be released in September 2015...right around the time of the Season 2 premiere.


Pop! Movies: Napoleon Dynamite


I really wanted to start off this post with a few funny quotes from Napoleon Dynamite...unfortunately, they've been cordoned off in a section of my brain that also houses all Austin Powers and any Adam Sandler movie quotes. Nonetheless, Funko wants to drum up this memories of the 2004 surprise hit with the announcement of their Pop! Movies: Napoleon Dynamite series. The series will feature Napoleon, Pedro, Deb, Kip, and Uncle Rico. They'll be released in September 2015...and I'd like someone to create a scene-for-scene reproduction of the movie using only these figures. Thanks.


Pop! TV: Friends


It's hard to imagine that Friends premiered over 20 years ago. But I still remember kids in my high school physics class acting all hip because they had memorized whatever funny lines that blonde girl said to the guy with the brown hair...and all I could talk about was the latest episode of Darkwing Duck. Well, thanks a lot - Funko - for making me relive those horrible memories. Their Pop! TV: Friends series will be made up of the five main characters from the hit television show: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ralph Malph, Chachi, and Richie. Oh was Chandler, Ross, and Joey. Look for them to be released in January 2016. **Now go try to get that damn Rembrandts song out of your head**


Pop! Home – like Pop! toys for the rest of your home


Uh oh...might this be the Pop! brand jumping the proverbial shark? Funko has announced the Pop! Home brand. The first series of Pop! Home 12 oz. ceramic mugs feature some of Marvel’s greatest heroes. You can drink from the craniums of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Spider-Man. Pop! Home also includes salt and pepper shaker sets. If you're able to use either the Spider-Man and Black Suit Spider-Man set or the Captain America and Iron Man're either single or the luckiest man alive. Look for these to hit your kitchen beginning in October 2015.


Super Shogun Boba Fett


Funko has announced their Super Shogun Boba Fett is now available to purchase. Standing at 24-inches tall, the figure fires missiles from its gauntlet and jetpack...just like Kenner never wanted. It stands on leg rollers so you can take him to the roller rink. Boba Fett's arms, head, and rangefinder all move.

**This begs the question..."Where does Funko start and Super7 end? Or vice versa?" With the two companies crossing over on so many lines, it's difficult to tell whether this is still a Super7 thing or if it's now totally Funko**