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Stranger Things – Vinyl and Dorbz

Funko has announced a pair of new Stranger Things toy lines. The Vynl.: Stranger Things features two different dynamic duos from the Netflix original series Stranger Things - Eleven and Barb in one 2-pack, and Lucas and Dustin in another.


Also, the Dorbz: Stranger Things series features Eleven and her friends - Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. And the not-so-friendly Demogorgon. Be on the lookout for some chase pieces, including the upside down Will, and closed mouth Demogorgon (both a rarity of 1-in-6). And there will be an exclusive Eleven in Benny's Burger shirt (Target) and Eleven in Hospital Gown (Hot Topic).

You can pre-order these and pick up Funko's other Stranger Things lines over at

Dorbz: Golden Girls

Funko wants to thank you for being a friend (I'm pretty sure I used that line when they released the equivalent Pop! series) by announcing their Dorbz: Golden Girls series. Yes...those four spinsters from Florida - Sophia, Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy - will be available in the lovable Dorbz format this Fall. And there will even be a Sophia chase piece, featuring Sophia wearing her “I’m ready! Take me Hurricane ‘91” red sweatshirt (a rarity of 1-in-6).

You'll be able to pre-order these or pick up the Pop! Golden Girls from

Pop! NFL Legends

Funko is returning with a new series of NFL vinyl figures based on some of the stars of yesteryear. The Pop! NFL Legends series features NFL greats such as Walter Payton, Lawrence Taylor, Barry Sanders, Roger Staubach, Brett Favre, Terry Bradshaw, Steve Largent, Joe Namath, Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, and Dan Marino. In addition, there are a few legendary coaches, featuring the Bears coach Mike Ditka and Cowboys coach Tom Landry. Plus, there are a few Toys "R" Us exclusives, including alternate versions of Lawrence Taylor and Deion Sanders.

You can pre-order these, or pick up some of the current NFL Pop! vinyl figures at

Pop! My Little Pony: MLP Movie

Apparently, there will be a My Little Pony movie released in theaters this October (2017). Funko is releasing the Pop! My Little Pony: MLP Movie series based on the film - My Little Pony: The Movie. The series features the loyal Rainbow Dash, the party-obsessed Pinkie Pie, the Princess of friendship Twilight Sparkle, and the kind and caring Fluttershy. Also, there will be Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle chase pieces (a rarity of 1-in-6). And look for the broken-horned unicorn, Tempest Shadow, available only at Hot Topic.

You can currently pre-orders these from, where there are other - non-film - MLP Pop! figures available.

Pop! Movies: Harry Potter- Wave 4

Funko has announced another wave of Harry Potter Pop! figures - actually their fourth to date. The Pop! Movies: Harry Potter Wave 4 features even more variations of your favorite Potter characters. There's Harry with The Marauders MapHermione Granger holding the Time-Turner, Ron Weasley holding Scabbers, Ginny Weasley, Remus Lupin, Luna Lovegood wearing her lion hat, and Peter Pettigrew.

You can pre-order these or purchase some of the already released Harry Potter Pop! figures over at

Pop! Animation: Hanna-Barbera Wave 4

Funko is getting into deep track territory with their Pop! Animation: Hanna-Barbera Wave 4. Featuring characters from Sneezly and Breezly and Top Cat, these are some characters that the true Hanna-Barbera fans will remember. This wave of Pop! vinyl features Breezly, Sneezly, Benny the Ball, and Top Cat. Also, look for Top Cat and Benny the Ball chase variants (both a rarity of 1-in-6).

And if you're interested in pre-ordering these, or picking up any of the currently release Hana-Barbera Pop! figures, head on over to

Pop! NFL: Wave 4

Funko is expanding their Pop! line with more Officially Licensed NFL Pop! vinyl figures. The Pop! NFL: Wave 4 features players in their Color Rush uniforms, as well as in beanies and hats.

This wave features the following players:

Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Das Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Dez Bryant, Odell Beckam Jr., Antonio Brown, Carson Wentz, Aaron Rodgers, Julian Edelman, Marshawn Lynch, Derek Carr, Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Cam Newton, and Joey Bosa.

Look for Color Rush versions of Antonio Brown, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, and Ezekiel Elliott available only at Toys “R” Us.

Pop! Movies: It

Based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, the upcoming horror film IT will hit theaters in September of 2017. And Funko is taking no time freaking out an entirely new generation of clown aficionados with their Pop! Movies: It series. Pennywise the Dancing Clown will be available in Pop! vinyl form holding a boat (we all float down here) and there will be a sepia chase version of Pennywise, a 1-in-6 rarity. In addition, look for a Walmart exclusive featuring Pennywise with a nice, flowing wig. Also, the Pennywise with Balloon is available exclusively at Hot Topic.

If you're interested in picking up the old miniseries version of Pennywise, go check out

Pint Size Heroes: Nightmare Before Christmas

Funko has announced that some of your favorite residents of Halloween Town are now Pint Size Heroes. The Pint Size Heroes: Nightmare Before Christmas series brings characters from Tim Burton's classic film to your shelf (in blind bag format). The series features Jack, Sally, Lock, Shock, Barrel, Zero, any many more.

Plus, be on the lookout for Glow Oogie Boogie, Pajama Jack, and Dr. Finklestein - available only at Hot Topic. And Unicycle Clown, Mummy Boy, and Santa Jack can only be found at GameStop.